We know the world is different right now. That can mean a lot of uneasy emotions for kids and frustration for parents as they become teachers at home. We are here to help with low cost learning materials that are fun and entertaining for kids! Scroll down for a Free Gift! 



Family Fun Pack $14.99

Get the full package of learning with the 'Family Fun Pack' which includes: One "So You Want to Make A Book" Booklet + 10 Blank Books. Everyone in the family can make a book (...or one ambitious writer can keep creating to their heart's content!) 


Blank Book $0.99/ea.

A 10-page 'blank' book with simple lines and pictures spaces... that's it! A perfect place for students to create their very own story! Each book comes with a golden embossed  'Stewbery Award' Sticker. Dimensions: 8.5 x 5.5"


Workbook $4.99/ea.

This full-color journal-style booklet guides kids through the creative writing process with 10 easy steps! 

(Perfect for grades 2-5+) 

Pages: 25; Dimensions: 8.5 x 5.5"

Quirky antics that will remind you to stop and take in the moment with your own child.

A story from the perspective of 6 year old Camille, who wonders if her mom will ever stop worrying about 'adult tasks' enough to have fun with her and little brother Weston. Read the book to see some quirky antics that will remind you to stop and take in the moment with your own child.

Little Brother trying to grow up, rhyming book

This time the story is about Little Brother Weston and the trials and triumphs of being a smaller sibling in a world of big people.

This book is still in the process of being illustrated. 

We are so excited to share it with you when it becomes available!

Check out some of the pages...


7 Sheets of CUTE FOOD!

Original drawings by Illustrator of "Mom Left Dirty Dishes in the Sink" and "So You Want to Make a Book".  

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