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While we take care to make our books as professional as possible, we care more about what our READERS think than impressing the Critics! Here is what's new with our books...

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The StewBery Medal Award


What is it?

We love it when our readers use our teaching materials to write and illustrate their own books! We wanted to create a way for kids to be able to share their awesome creations so that is how The Stewbery Medal Award began! 

Each month our book expert Stewie the Dog will choose a story to feature on the Cozy Time Stories blog. This person will receive an award in the mail along with a personal letter of congratulations from Stewie! 

Who Can Submit?

Any young author/illustrator that is 13  or younger and follows our submission guidelines! 

Submission Guidelines

  • Include Front Cover first followed by inside pages
  • Stories must have both illustrations and text
  • Text can be either typed onto the page or handwritten
  • Send a folder with JPEG Files with individually scanned photos of your pages
  • Please do not send high resolution photos, web-ready sized photos are preferred. (Photos no larger than 1000x1000 pixels each)
  • Photos can be scanned in at 300 dpi or if imported, please take clear photos in natural light
  • No blurry photos please
  • No Page minimum or maximum 
  • Include ONLY first name and last initial of Author and Illustrator name on Front Cover
  • Please no copying. Your story should be unique and not one you have read before. You can always get inspiration from other places, but be careful to keep your ideas your own. 
  • In your submission email include author/illustrator first and last name/s (last name will be kept confidential), a parent name, email address, mailing address, school, and grade
  • Can submit with separate author and illustrator, if desired as long as both are age 13 or younger.  


By submitting a story, you acknowledge and give permission to Cozy Time Stories to share the entire contents of your submission publicly on our Blog. Your personal information will be kept confidential, including your last name, address, and any identifying information. We want to give kids recognition but keep them safe on the internet.  We will only refer to a child by first name and last initial with their state/province/country. 


Cozy Time Stories claims no rights to any story submitted. We believe in the rights of authors and illustrators to own their creations... even if they are young! We promise not to use your ideas because they are your own! 

Where to Submit

Send all submissions to:  

Troubleshooting: If you have any problems submitting through email because of the size of attachment, try resizing your photos smaller, but not so small that photos begin to blur. You can also  right click on a folder to Compress it and send it in a Zip File. 

Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions!