Mom Left Dirty Dishes in the Sink- Hardcover



What's "Mom Left Dirty Dishes in the Sink" all about?


Sometimes moms may forget how to have fun

Life is busy, maybe too busy in Camille's house. Between getting ready for school and trying to chase her brother, Camille has a lot to do. While she's collecting worms, rocks and slime, her mom is usually cleaning house or washing dishes. Camille is starting to wonder if her mom forgets what fun is. One day, she discovers that her mom has changed...for the better!

What do you do if you're a mom who has forgotten how to have fun?

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What people are saying

Camille and Weston, the main characters in this book, are also my own children. They love the book and that's one of the few things they can agree on.

One four year-old boy said "Ohhhh, I hate this book!" So far, that's the most critical review we've received.

Mom Left Dirty Dishes in the Sink


This is my new hardcover children's book that follows the life of a busy family with two adventurous kids and a chore-weary mom. The kids start to wonder if their mom forgets what fun is! One day, Mom makes a change...for the better!

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This is the reason I wrote this book. All it takes is a reminder to slow down and focus on who you are and who they need. You don't have to be perfect, just be present!

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Cozy Time Stories started when I realized that moms are natural storytellers and we haven't forgotten how to have fun! My kids remind me of that every day. So cuddle up, get cozy and enjoy reading this children's book together as a family!

Holly Carrington is a writer who has worked as a newspaper reporter, blogger and children's book author. She lives in Kansas with her two spirited children and fun-loving husband.

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