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What makes Our School Visits EXTRA SPECIAL?!

Our visits are unlike any other because you get BOTH an Author and an Illustrator! 

Including a book reading and signing, a dynamic presentation about our process as a book-making team, a Live drawing demo and a super-fun Q & A session! 

The options don't stop there because we offer a Bonus Presentation of our 10 BRILLIANT steps to making a book, which includes a Live drawing demo where the audience helps design a character. Our presentations encourage, engage and inspire creativity! 

Students leave our Sessions feeling inspired and ready to start creating!

Three Pricing Packages to choose from!

Our Booklet "So You Want to Make a Book?" is perfect for classrooms!

... Adheres to Kansas State Standards: W.2-5.3; W.2-5.4; W.2-5.5

Teaching Resources:


"So You Want to Make a Book?" is a 10 Step Guide especially for 2-5 graders for writing and illustrating their very own book! A journal-type layout gives this brilliant resource a personal touch. Using language a kid can easily understand, dynamic graphics, and intuitive design ... you will find nothing else like it! 

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Our First Book

"Mom Left Dirty Dishes in the Sink"

Life is busy, in Camille's house... maybe too busy. While she's collecting worms, rocks,  and slime her mom is usually cleaning the house or washing dishes. Camille wonders if her mom has forgotten what fun is. One day, she discovers her mom has changed... for the better! 

New Book...

Coming Soon!

"My Sister Came Before Me"

Weston is learning so many things and even if he can't quite keep up with his older sister he has a lot of his own talents that make him unique. Grab your skateboard and hop along for a wild, rollicking ride through the world of a spunky six year old boy!  

A Combined 35 Years of Expertise!

Holly Carrington started Cozy Time Stories as a place to host her books for kids. She is a writer who has worked as a newspaper reporter, blogger and children's book author. She lives in Kansas with her two spirited children and fun-loving husband.

Beth Snider has experience as a mural artist and portrait painter for well over a decade but now focuses mostly on creating illustrations for kids! She is also from Kansas and lives with her husband who is an elementary school teacher and her 4 kids. You can view her full illustration portfolio at 

Our Readers...

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We love it when kids use our Resources to write and illustrate their own stories! 

For more on how your young author can win the coveted Stewbery Medal Award, click below! 

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