At Home Teaching Materials

With State Writing Standards in mind, we bring you 10 fun steps to writing and illustrating a narrative story. Using words kids understand, brilliant graphics and a journal design, this guide is the BEST TOOL for creative story writing available on the market!

Still putting finishing touches on "So You Want to Make a Book?"

We wanted to make sure that we get all the feedback we could from teachers, librarians and young authors. For that reason, it will be a few more weeks until it is available for purchase. We are also working to get the price point to a comfortable place for all to enjoy it!  

If you are interested in pre-purchasing our booklet, please send us an email! 


School Visit

Not only have we created a tool for learning 10 steps to creating your own book, we have the same material available in a dynamic Live Power Point Presentation! Ranging between 20-40 minutes based on age group, we present a shortened version of our Booklet. 

"So You Want to Make a Book?": Designed with Teachers in Mind

Adheres to Kansas State Writing Standards: W.2-5.3; W.2-5.4, W.2-5.5