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With 35 years of combined experience as an Author and an Artist, Holly and Beth team up to present their process of creating books with  students all around the Kansas City metro area (and beyond!) 

School Visit Packages



Can we choose to do the 2nd Presentation only?

Yes! If your focus is primarily encouraging and inspiring kids to write,  you might be interested in replacing our 1st presentation with our 2nd Presentation. We can do that! It will be at the cost of a Basic Visit. 

How many Sessions are in one day?

We provide up to 4 sessions a day with as many classes as your space can accommodate.  The number of sessions is determined by each school's time constraints and the length of sessions requested. 

How long is each Session?

Our sessions are customized according to age group and range from 20-50 minutes each. This can be discussed during an initial consultation. 

Can Multiple Schools Share Cost?

Yes! As long as the schools are in the same district and are located near enough to each other, we would be glad to split Sessions between more than one school. 

Is there an extra charge for travel?

Yes! If we need to travel more than 3 hours outside of the Kansas City Metro area, travel costs will be added accordingly. 

Is the content of your presentation educational?

Yes it is! We present about the process of being Professionals in our fields of expertise as well as teach about the process of narrative writing. Our content was created especially with Kansas State Writing Standards in mind: W.2-5.3; W.2-5.4; and W.2-5.5

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(This is not an official booking, rather, we will schedule your visit after preparing a customized price quote based upon your request and our availability.)

We can hardly wait to meet you and your students in person!